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As featured on TV: This Morning Programme, March 2002. Carol Vorderman's Better Homes, July 2002. Supplied to Big Brother 5, June 2004.
barrel for storing garden rainwater Plastic butts up to several hundred gallons. Watertight oak barrels ideal for use in the garden are available with lids, hand-cranked cast-iron pumps and taps. Originally used as beer barrels, wine barrels or whisky casks.
water feature Available in stainless steel, slate, granite, oak barrel, stone and more. Literally hundreds to choose from. They are ideal for patios, gardens, ponds and reception areas. Many have a choice of bases and water pumps.
log pond Garden ponds including preformed ponds, pebble pools and watertight half-barrels. Rocky courses and waterfalls are also available.
oak tubs, strawberry barrels and other planters Half-barrels, whole oak barrels and strawberry barrels are ideal as plant containers being both attractive and robust. Other planters include lightweight stone troughs and herb wheels.
Cast Iron Village Pumps & Pond Pumps Working cast iron village pumps, electric pond pumps, brass taps and wooden barrel taps.
barrels Whole barrels of all shapes and sizes. Ideal for tables and intriguing decor.
garden furniture Furniture for the garden or conseravtory. Barrel furniture is also ideal for use in pubs and bars. Barbecues and drinks coolers are also available.
Pond & Garden Lighting Pond and garden lighting including underwater lights and solar powered lights.

Water Feature Summary

Stainless Steel - Over seventy variations available including spheres, pyramids and convex sails.

Oak Barrel - These are made using materials from genuine oak barrels that have been used for the maturing of whisky. They are made in our own facilities by skilled craftsmen whose work has included making oak barrels and buckets for use at Pinewood Studios and by Warner Brothers. We have at least eighteen types of oak barrel feature available. They are made in a variety of themes, such as our vineyard water feature, which uses a number of small barrels, each fitted with a wine tap. Others incorporate cast-iron village pumps and oak wooden buckets with thick hessian rope handles. Many of these features have sections that may be filled with soil, allowing them to be planted to give a pleasant mixture of flowing water and greenery.

Slate - Made with attractively coloured Welsh slate and are available as slate monoliths or a slate stack pyramid. These are not made from resin, as many other 'slate water features' are. They are made from real slate and can bring a flavour of the mountains to your garden.

To use the WFOL on-line shop and to see our products in more detail please click on the images and links above. An electronic CD is also available for those who wish to browse our shop without waiting for pages to download and without having to connect to the Internet. Other products available from this site include pond pumps, and working cast-iron hand pumps we also have a comprehensive range of oak barrel water butts and planters. Mainland UK delivery is free on orders valued over 99.




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